About Chris & 30 Day Keto Challenge
About Chris & 30 Day Keto Challenge
A future transformation expert is born.
On a sunny day in Orlando, Florida, I make my entrance into the world. 

There's only a few of us born in Orlando, a true Orlando native. As you can see I was made for the beach.
Meet my future wife on the beach.
On a sunny beach in Central Florida I started hanging out with "someone" every summer. 

Little did I know this "someone" would be my future wife.
My college journey
College was never dull. Cheerleading was one of the smartest decisions I ever made.

My fitness path in life was set once I started pushing myself in the gym. Watching my skinny frame grow each month was exciting. It solidify my professional direction in life.
Married that Girl from the beach
Bam, we did it!  Only took 18 years...

I'm surprised she waited for me to figure it all out. Throwing sand at me meant she liked me.

Started a Family (fast forward pic)
Started our family. These are my loves!

Had to fast forward, because three's a lot. These three kids keep us so busy with life and we wouldn't change it.
Opened Our First MY HOUSE FITNESS Location
In 2009, my wife and I decided to take the jump and open our first personal training studio. We currently have 10 locations in 6 different states!

The positive impact from our business, not only financially but personally, is indescribable. Transforming lives each day is the most incredible honor!

Keto Diet Journey
After a few clients had amazing results from Keto, we started promoting it. 

Keto has truly helped thousands of our clients and continues to be a preferred lifestyle in our studios.

Started the 30 Day Keto Challenge
After seeing amazing results with our clients using the Keto diet we started the 30 Day Keto Challenge.

This challenge has radically changed individuals lives.  I can't say enough good things about this challenge.
Transformations keep growing
Now with over 1,000 challengers to date! More people than ever before are starting the Keto Challenge than they ever thought possible.

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