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Alcohol and Keto: Do They Mix?
The Keto Diet and Whole30 espouse low-carb meals, but that's where the similarities end. Compare these eating plans to choose the healthiest option for you.
Written by Chris Wherrell on April 30, 2019
Most people appreciate an occasional alcoholic beverage. Some people even make it a part of their routine several days a week. What happens when you start following the Keto diet? Do you have to give up cocktails?
While it certainly wouldn't hurt to forego alcohol while following a Ketogenic eating plan, it isn't strictly necessary. If you really want to have a drink, do so in moderation. Additionally, it will help if you choose a beverage that's low carb so that you stay closer within the guidelines of your diet.

Nonetheless, giving up alcohol for at least a 30-day period is something that is frequently recommended, especially for people who are new to the Ketogenic diet. In some cases, this enables the body to more fully adapt to the Keto eating plan. You may even enter ketosis earlier when you really focus your efforts and take alcohol out of the equation. 

Do Alcohol and Ketogenic Eating Ever Mix? 

People are drawn to this diet for many reasons. Mostly, they are interested in shedding extra pounds, having more energy and getting healthy. Some people also like the idea that alcohol is not strictly forbidden on this diet. Of course, it's sensible to choose options that don't have any sugar like champagne, dry white wine, red wine or some distilled liquors. 

 However, it pays to be aware that drinking alcohol while on the ketogenic diet can have unintended consequences. People following this eating plan sometimes discover that their tolerance for cocktails is significantly lowered. This may mean that extra caution should be exercised, particularly when going out for a drink. 

Moreover, some people find that consuming alcohol interferes with their ability to lose weight while on the Ketogenic diet. If you drink regularly, are following a Ketogenic eating plan and aren't losing as much weight as you think you should be, then cut out the alcohol. It may be stifling your progress. 

Remember Moderation 

If you're serious about getting leaner and healthier with the Keto Diet, then you're going to need discipline. That's because you'll have to plan your meals and snacks while also sacrificing many of the indulgences that you used to enjoy. Those who are accustomed to drinking heavily or frequently may find it difficult to cut back on their consumption, especially when observing a special occasion or hanging out with friends. 

Just keep in mind that moderation is the key. You can join your friends at happy hour, but consider having one drink instead of two or three. In fact, a ketogenic-friendly drink can feel like a nice reward for all of your effort and hard work. Vodka and water is always a good choice, but rum, gin, tequila and whiskey also have no carbs. 

If you're looking for something to mix in with the alcohol, consider carb-free mixers like seltzer, sugar-free tonic water, diet soda and Crystal Light drink mix. 


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As part of the Challenge, consider giving up alcohol for that 30-day period. It's likely to jump-start your weight loss and help you get into ketosis sooner. You just might surprise yourself by how quickly you start losing weight and feeling healthier. 

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