"I never expected a fitness challenge to change more than just my physical body but it has truly impacted my life in so many positive ways: emotionally, spiritually, and mentally!"
Bethany M.
"So happy with my results!  Keto works."
Barbra L.
"This challenge has transformed my life. In just eight weeks, I lost 18.9% of my original body weight and have more energy, feel more confident, and have made some life long friendships along the way. A lot of gyms can offer machines and weights, but My House Fitness offers transformational results by professional trainers in a fun and exciting environment!"
John C.
"I'm so happy with my results! Following the plan was easy and very rewarding. I feel like it's a lifestyle now, not just some diet.
Sarah W.
"Losing weight does not even compare to what I've gained-- more self-control over my eating habits...more muscle mass and strength to push through...and most importantly more hormonal balance..."
Michelle Reyes
"I absolutely love MHF! It’s the first time in my life that I have stayed consistent with working out. I never thought I would get such fantastic results with working out for 30 mins two times a week! It’s perfect because I don’t have time to spend 2 hours in a gym and he absolutely maximizes the time I spend in the gym. The accountability has made me stick with it for over a year now. If you don’t have a lot of time, but want to see results, this is the place to be!"
Claire N.
"I am a busy, working mom of two very active boys so finding time to work out is a challenge. I love the fact that the trainers at My Fitness House Winter Springs have designed a challenging fitness program and it only takes 30 minutes a couple of times a week. The workouts are never the same and the environment is motivating and fun!"
Lisa F.
"I expected it to go just as all other diets have, but it was unlike any other. It brought challenges I've never experienced, and results I could never imagined, in just 60 days."
Vanesa G.
I have been training here for a year and continue to love it! Get trained. Get inspired. Get stronger and healthier!
Drew F.
Love this family owned, client centric gym...Trainers are very knowledgeable, client focused, patient and understanding! They’ve worked hard to help me with my hectic family schedule, and stay on track with my fitness goals!!
Jessica T.
Focusing on fitness had not been a huge priority for me before the challenge. This program, and the skype training, has given me the tools (training, food recommendations, & tips) and the motivation to make a real change and to stick with it! Highly recommended!
Hadley L.
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